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BOB LOV. A24 Mini Digital Camera HD 1296P Sports Action DV Camera is a compact and versatile device designed for capturing high-definition video footage in various settings. With its IPS display and small form factor, this camera offers convenience and portability for users on the go. Whether you are looking to document your outdoor adventures, record sports activities, or use it as a bodycam for security purposes, the A24 delivers crisp and clear video quality. Its pocket-sized design makes it easy to carry and use discreetly. Consider the features and benefits of this camera to determine if it meets your specific needs and preferences.



1.High Definition 1296P Video Quality
2. Compact and Portable Design
3. Vibrant IPS Display
4. Versatile Usage
5. Discreet Recording
6. Easy Operation
7. Long Battery Life
8. Wide Angle Lens
9. Loop Recording
10. Durable Build

11. Built-in Memory Size: 64 GB
12. Type: MinI
13. Sensor Technology: CMOS
14. Certification: CE

A24 Mini Digital Camera: Compact HD 1296P Sports Action DV Camera

SKU: 1005005906730700
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